Design, Modeling, and Manufacturing for Prototyping

Turning Ideas into Reality

Our Capabilities

We bring your idea to life with prototype design help, modeling and manufacturing.

  • AutoCAD program Development
  • Printed 3D Prototype Modeling
  • CNC and Manual machines capable of accuracy to +/- .0005"

Our Staff

At SJC Machining we know what it takes to go from cocktail napkin to market.

We combine over 15 years of design and prototype experience with over 37 years of machining experience in the aerospace, power service and firearms Industries.

Let us help you turn your big idea into reality!

Here's How We Work

John Nagel

Co-Owner and Lead Machinist

John is a highly trained machinist.

John has been formulating world class designs since
2000 to achieve perfection and reliability.

John now brings his expertise to help you meet your design and machining challenges.